About Us

Welcome to our company’s about page, where tradition, passion, and excellence come together to create exceptional wine and brandy. Founded over 150 years ago, our ancestors embarked on a journey to find fertile land for farming and discovered the limestone-rich plains of Montenegro

Quality, Expertise, TRADITION.

Our Mission

Our mission is to honor our rich heritage, crafting exceptional brandy with a deep respect for tradition and a commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a world-renowned brandy distillery, celebrated for our unwavering dedication to preserving the time-honored methods of brandy production, ensuring that the essence of our ancestors’ craft is savored and cherished by connoisseurs worldwide. We aim to be at the forefront of brandy excellence, creating a lasting legacy of quality, tradition, and innovation in the art of distillation.

Our Vineyards

Nestled within the limestone-rich plains along the graceful banks of the Cijevna River, our vineyards stand as a testament to over 150 years of dedication and care. Passed down through generations, these vineyards hold the secrets of producing exceptional brandy, their age-old vines yielding abundant harvests that reflect the wisdom of our ancestors and the unparalleled character of the terroir.

Our Process

Our brandy-making process is steeped in tradition, with meticulous attention given to every step, from harvesting the finest grapes to skillfully distilling the spirits in copper alembic stills. The result is a rich and authentic brandy, capturing the essence of our history and the craftsmanship of our ancestors.

Since 1870

Our Story

Our history dates back to the remarkable year of 1870 when our pioneering ancestors embarked on a daring quest in search of fertile land and new opportunities. Leaving behind the Zatrijebac/Triesh Mount – Tribe, they journeyed to the plains where the Cijevna/Cem River flowed, a land known as “zetë” in Albanian, meaning hot. Predominantly involved in livestock and medicinal herbs, their journey took an unexpected turn when they discovered the allure of the “land of wine,” as referred to by the ancient Latins. Settling on the limestone-rich plains, they purchased a property on the river’s right bank, establishing the small village House of Rakic between Tuzi and Podgorica. Proximity to the city not only facilitated trade and catering but also fueled their passion for winemaking. Over the years, their dedication led to the expansion of vineyards and the birth of a modern winery, deeply rooted in the wisdom of tradition. Today, we stand proud as guardians of this remarkable history, preserving the ancient recipes and secrets, nurturing the same vineyards planted over 150 years ago, and continuing the legacy of crafting top-quality wine and brandy.